Thanks for shopping small!

Thanksgiving in California

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support of Cotton & Flax this year! I feel so lucky to pursue my creative work full time, and I couldn’t do it without my community behind me. Thanks for your kind words on social media, for telling your friends and family about my work, and for adding Cotton & Flax pieces to your homes!

It’s a busy time of year, and many of us are feeling overwhelmed by everything going on around us. I’ve been fighting the stress of this crazy year by spending time at home with loved ones, donating to organizations that support civil liberties, and buying holiday gifts from my favorite local artists and neighborhood shops that I want to see thrive. There are tons of reasons to shop small, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting the small businesses and causes that you love this season.

Happy holidays!

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West Coast Craft in SF this weekend!

West Coast Craft

I’m thrilled to be back in San Francisco for West Coast Craft, the best showcase of the West Coast design community that’s shoppable, and open to the public! Come get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping, and peruse the best art and design show in California. You’ll find us at Fort Mason Center from 10-6 both Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and say hello!

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Summer at Cotton & Flax HQ

Inside the creative studio of Cotton & Flax - textile design studio in Los Angeles

It’s been a busy few months at Cotton & Flax, as I moved into a new studio space, and transitioned from my home studio to a shared studio environment. I love the new studio so much – it’s twice the size of my tiny home studio, and I get to see my friends, Keiko, Malachi, and Lisa on a daily basis.

I’ll be sharing a studio tour soon – my friend Jessica was kind enough to come shoot the space on an exceptionally tidy day. Until then, you can see sneak peeks over on Instagram!

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Crafter’s Box Pop-Up

DIY Block printed table runner

In case you missed out on my online block printing class when it was available through The Crafter’s Box, it’s available today only through their official pop-up shop! Visit the Crafter’s Box pop-up shop to get exclusive access to my workshop. You’ll receive everything you need to create your own block printed table runner like the one above, and the materials are high-quality, so you’ll be able to reuse the tools for future projects.

Act quickly, because the pop-up shop is one day only! If you’ve created a block printed project after taking an online workshop with me, tag me on Instagram – I’d love to see what you’ve made!

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Decorating Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Bedroom

How to create a beautiful (not boring) minimalist bedroom

We count on our bedroom to be a haven when we need some peace and quiet. Nothing calms your soul more than a beautifully clean space with lots of breathing room.

By adopting a “less is more” mentality, minimalist decorating focuses on relaxation, simplicity, and natural beauty. Creating a simple space really isn’t hard — it’s about finding the right balance, and decorating with high-quality pieces to keep your bedroom looking refined. We’ve gathered a few tips to inspire you to create a dreamy minimalist bedroom that will help you feel refreshed.

Lighten up your room with neutrals

Invest in basics, neutrals colors in natural fabrics are a great place to start. With passing seasons, neutrals keep your bedroom looking bright and fresh, and they never go out of style. Building a base of neutrals (for example, linen pillows) will help accentuate small pops of color and pattern in your space. Choosing light toned neutrals will create a brighter atmosphere, as the light opens up your bedroom and highlights the clarity of the space.

Neutral Bedroom with Natural Light - Coco Lapine Blog

Quality Over Quantity

Living minimally means living thoughtfully. Choose quality over quantity— infuse your space with thoughtfully crafted and handmade home goods that will make your bedroom feel one of a kind. Purchase products that highlight your values and your individuality; by keeping fewer items in your bedroom, the emphasis is drawn to the pieces that are on display. Reducing clutter can reduce stress, which makes the bedroom the perfect place to try minimalist decor.

Airy, Minimalist Bedroom

Play with Textures, But Don’t Overdo It

Create visual interest in your bedroom through the use of playful textures and patterns. Minimalist decorating is all about the small details. Whether it’s added pattern or texture to your bedside table, or complimenting your dreamy bedspread with one-of-a-kind natural linen pillows. 
Tips for creating a beautiful, minimalist bedroom - Cotton & Flax

Liven Up Your Room With Plants

Opt for a fresh bunch of lavender or tiny succulent plants to add color and play up your simple living space. Not only will it give your interiors a touch of elegance, but you will finally have the sense of serenity and calm you’re looking for.

Minimalist modern decor

By using blends of neutrals, soft patterns, and clutter-free organization, you will have achieved a refined look and created the coziest sanctuary. Need some beautifully patterned pillows to add to your minimalist space? Check out Cotton & Flax’s range of linen pillows!
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Learn How to Screen Print

How to screen print - DIY silkscreen printing with Cotton & Flax

Screen printing is at the heart of everything I do with Cotton & Flax. If you’ve been curious about how to screen print at home, I’m excited to share my expertise on how to silkscreen your own designs in my new screenprinting class for CreativeLive.

DIY screen printing can be intimidating to creative business owners, but it’s an amazing tool that can allow you to apply your designs to new materials, and see your work come alive. With this introductory online screen printing workshop, I’ll walk you through the entire screen printing process with a DIY workflow, making it accessible and approachable for anyone. You can watch this class anytime, anywhere — once you sign up, you can stream or download the class and learn at your leisure.

How to screen print - DIY silkscreen printing with Cotton & Flax

I get so much joy from sharing my love of printmaking. I hope you’ll join me for a three-hour overview of the silk screen process, where you’ll learn all about how to silkscreen at home:

  • how to create a bold design and transparency that will translate well to printing
  • the best materials and tools for beginners
  • how to create a dark room in your space
  • and best practices to prepare for screen printing at home

When you sign up for my class, you’ll receive bonus content, including a resource guide with sources for all my favorite screen printing supplies and tools. This is the resource list I would have loved when I was first starting out; it will save you tons of time as you search for screenprinting supplies to build your own print studio.

If at this point, you’re wondering, “What is screen printing?” this quick screen printing video will show you the process. These are the same screen printing techniques that I use to create all the patterned fabrics for Cotton & Flax!

Sign up for class here — when you sign up via one of the links here on the blog, you help support Cotton & Flax and encourage me to continue to share my love of printmaking. Don’t forget to tag me on social media when you take the class — I can’t wait to see what you’ll print!

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