New Business Cards and Hangtags

Cotton & Flax business cardsThere’s nothing like a new stack of business cards! I was lucky enough to work with Laura Carignan (of Lulu Dee), a graphic designer here in Los Angeles, who helped me create my new logo and branded materials for Cotton & Flax. Last week, Laura letterpress printed the designs on some business cards and hang tags for Cotton & Flax, along with help from Mable of Dee and Lala stationery.

Cotton & Flax - printing business cards

Cotton & Flax - Laura printing on the Vandercook

In the end, we created a few different pieces, which were letterpress printed on luxuriously thick, tree-free paper, which is made from 100% recovered cotton from the textile industry. Could you think of a better fit for a company that revolves around fabrics?

Cotton & Flax - Laura printing

Cotton and Flax - press check

We printed the cards using a Vandercook letterpress, which belongs to Mable of Dee and Lala. I’ll be doing a full post about her amazing studio sometime soon, but I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the behind the scenes shots.

Cotton & Flax business cards

The business cards are my favorite part of the whole project. Laura created a design that could feature four of my hand drawn patterns (some of my favorites from the Cotton & Flax 2012 line!), and I think they turned out beautifully. Her bold logo is the obvious standout on the front of the card, printed in a rich black ink. The variety of different patterns, all embossed without ink, make the cards feel extra special, almost collectable.

Cotton & Flax business cards

Cotton & Flax letterpressed product hang tags

She also created hang tags, which will accompany all Cotton & Flax items in retail shops and when I sell my wares at craft fairs and artist showcases.

Laura really has a knack for getting to know the ins and outs of your business, to better understand what the brand is all about. She paid close attention to what makes Cotton & Flax unique, and what types of branded materials were the best fit for my business. Looking for a great graphic designer? Get in touch with Laura here.

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  1. tom says

    Nice work! How did u get to have a plain backside on the business cards, does the vandercook letterpress emboss only one side or both? Or did you have to glue a second sheet on the back?

    • erin dollar says

      Tom – the backs of the business cards are not blank, they feature my contact info and the web address for Cotton & Flax. The letterpress prints on only one side at a time, so you can print multiple images on one piece of paper.