Cotton & Flax for CB2

Cotton & Flax plus tea towels for CB2

Remember how things got a bit quiet here on the blog in January? I was working on an exciting wholesale order: a selection of two of my favorite tea towels made for CB2! Check out the navy plus and the linen plus tea towels on the CB2 website (they should be in stores in March!)

Cb2 Santa Monica and CB2 SOHO

Have you shopped at CB2 before? I think of it as the quirky younger sister of Crate and Barrel. I am thrilled to be part of a collection of handmade goods being sold at all CB2 stores this season, which was curated by the folks at Renegade Craft Fair!

Both tea towels are printed with my popular “plus” pattern, and lest you forget, these were all screenprinted by hand. Each tea towel was sewn in my studio, and printed by yours truly.

I have to admit, I’m excited to see Cotton & Flax products on the glossy page of a CB2 catalog. If you live nearby one of their stores, stop by CB2 and check out the collection, and tell me what you think! I hope you love the handmade collection as much as I do, because if it sells out, I think it sends a signal to larger retailers that working with small domestic manufacturers and indie brands is a worthwhile venture!

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