Cotton & Flax in HGTV Magazine

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I searched through the archives just to be sure, but it looks like I somehow managed to neglect to mention one exciting bit of news from 2013: a Cotton & Flax pillow was featured in the July/August issue of HGTV Magazine!

Cotton & Flax in HGTV Magazine

Cotton & Flax in HGTV Magazine

Designer Haskell Harris showcased our mint brushstroke pillow in a piece that compared her own style with her mother’s decorating style – both women have incredible taste. She styled my pillow in a backyard dining area, I loved seeing this fresh take on where you can add a pillow for extra color and comfort.

Want to see where else Cotton & Flax has been featured? Check out all our press mentions, and let me know if you spot a Cotton & Flax piece in a home tour or somewhere notable online!

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    CONGRATS! That’s so amazingly awesome for you, Erin. With Cotton & Flax growing in such popularity, (dare I ask) what is your #1 pipe dream goal of where you’d like to see your work displayed?